My Trip to Goa

Do you know how to swim? Read Vansheeks’s blog to find out more about how she manages to swim in Goa.

My family and I were so excited to visit Goa. Goa is beautiful, and it is known for its beaches. We travelled by flight. When we reached there the weather was very hot. We still loved it, the beach, the breeze, everything was amazing.  

It was a long journey so we rested well at night.

A colourful beach in Goa

The next morning we went to the beach. I played in the water, built sandcastles and enjoyed it very much. I couldn’t go far inside the water because I can’t swim. 

My doughnut-shaped float

The next day I went to the market to buy a float because I wanted to swim. I bought a nice doughnut-shaped float. I couldn’t wait to use it. Sadly, we didn’t go to the beach that day. 

Sunrise in Goa

Early in the morning, we went to the beach to watch the sunrise. I went for a swim. It was such a great feeling to float on water. The waves were calm and friendly. I saw fish swimming in the water. It was a lovely day!  

On our last day, I took part in a drawing competition. My mother made a drawing of a girl giving water to Lord Shiva. It was a beautiful drawing. 

Our Goa trip sadly came to an end very soon. We returned home and the first question I asked my parents was when will we go to Goa again. I want to have some more fun in Goa. 

Written by- Vansheeka

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