A Wedding in Bangalore

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Weddings are so much fun. We always travel around to attend weddings. This time, it was my uncle’s wedding. We travelled to my paternal grandma’s house in Bangalore.  

We were so excited to see all our family together after so long. We travelled all the way from Mumbai and I couldn’t wait to see my grandma. 

When we reached there, my grandma welcomed us with so much warmth. She told me so many interesting stories such as  Bhairawa Dweepam and Pathala Bhairavi in the Telugu language. These stories are very captivating and they teach us many life lessons. I truly enjoy her storytelling as she makes them interesting with funny expressions. I laugh a lot always. 

I have many friends in Bangalore. I met my old friends, we talked and played together for a very long time. I had fun with them just like old days. They taught me a bit of Kannada too. It was a fun day with them.

Night view

The wedding day arrived. We all dressed up in traditional clothes for my uncle’s celebration. Everyone was so happy and excited for my uncle. We all had even prepared a  performance. I sang a classical song, which mesmerized the audience, everyone applauded in awe.

We had a lot of fun, my cousins and I enjoyed some delicious snacks and ice cream. We ate lots of pani puri and kulfi

Finally, all the celebrations came to an end. We returned home the next day. It was a short and memorable holiday.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. 

Written by- Shanmukhapriya

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