My Visit to Manthri Square Mall

Have you been to the Manthri Square Mall? Read Mahathis’s blog to find out more.

Manthri Square Mall is a really nice mall located in Bangalore. It has multiple stores to buy from and a separate floor for different stores and items. 

I went to the mall with my parents. We reached there at around 5 pm in the evening. When we entered the mall, we saw that it was full of people from everywhere in the world. There were so many stores, and each had such great things in it.

Inside the mall

We went to a games store and I looked at different kinds of games there. We also got to play and try some games. It was a great experience! 

After some time, I felt like eating ice cream. We went to the ice cream parlour and saw an attractive ice cream display. We bought some and it was so delicious. I ate chocolate ice cream and my parents both ate vanilla ice cream.

Food court

We walked around the mall and saw many other things too. There were so many beautiful clothes and shoes there. Then we went to the food court. The food court was massive. There were so many restaurants there, it was difficult to decide on what I should eat. We finally thought of having McDonald’s. We bought burgers and fries from there. The fries were so crispy and the burger was very tasty. I enjoyed it very much.

My mom wanted to do some shopping, so after lunch, we went to different stores to buy dresses. From one store, she bought a beautiful blue dress. She looked lovely in it. 

Finally, we were very tired, and we returned home. We had a good time at the mall. 

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

Written by- Mahathi

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