An Exciting Trip to East India

Have you ever been on a skywalk? Read Sumedhaa’s blog to find out more.

East India is a beautiful destination to travel to. My family and I were travelling there for the first time. I was so excited to see new places and experience a whole new culture.

Tea garden in Siliguri

We first visited Siliguri. It is a very lovely city in the state of West Bengal. Siliguri is known for its tea gardens. We enjoyed visiting a few tea gardens. We also saw the process of how tea is made. I learned a lot.

View from the cable car

From there we went to Gangtok. Gangtok is a beautiful city in the state of Sikkim. I loved it! We went on a cable ride. The view was stunning and I loved our ride. We could see the entire city from the cable car. It will always stay fresh in my memory.

The Sikkim skywalk

The next day we went to Pelling. It is a little away from Gangtok. Here we saw the skywalk. It was scary at first to walk on the glass bridge, but I enjoyed it after some time. We visited a few valleys, the view was just so beautiful. Finally, we visited a monastery, it was peaceful and loved being there. The experience was calming. 

On our entire trip to East India, the views, people and food was amazing. There was so much learning there. We met many people there and made many friends. 

We sadly returned home from this wonderful trip to East India, but we wish to visit again soon. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. 

Written by- Sumedhaa Singh

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