The Kind Duck

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One day a duck was looking for food. She wanted to eat fish from the river. The duck tried to go to the river but there was a wire fence in the middle. After thinking for some time, the duck tried to enter through the wire fence. She hurt her leg and was in pain. Suddenly she saw a car coming and she asked for help. 

The family in the car said that they were in a hurry and wouldn’t be able to help the duck. Then she saw a small boy riding a bicycle. The duck asked the boy for help but he was also in a hurry and couldn’t help. Hearing this the duck started crying. 

After some time, another boy named Sam saw the duck crying on the road. He asked why the duck was crying. The duck told him everything that happened with him. The boy told her that he needed to be taken home. The duck showed the boy where his nest was. Sam put the duck in his empty toy cart and took her to her nest.

Sam took care of the duck, gave it medicines and food. Soon the duck felt better. The duck was very grateful. She told Sam that he was very kind to help her. 

A few days later, Sam was going to buy bread. On the way, he saw his friends and started playing with them.

While playing he lost the coins that his mother gave him to buy bread. He could not find the coins in his pocket or anywhere. 

“Oh no! I can’t find the coins.” He started crying. The duck was passing by and saw Sam crying. Sam was so relieved to see the duck and told him everything that happened.

The duck helped Sam look for the coins. The duck saw that coins were at the bottom of the lake. The boys threw them while playing. She swam in the lake and gave the coins to Sam. 

Sam was very happy. He thanked the duck for her kindness. They became good friends forever. 

Written by- Sri Kriti Yeruva

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