A Family Holiday in Nagpur

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The city of Nagpur

During my holidays, I went to Nagpur with my parents. Nagpur is my hometown. We travelled together by car for 15 hours. It was a really long journey. 

On our way, we enjoyed some lovely views and ate some yummy snacks. Car journeys can get a bit tiring, so after a few hours, I couldn’t wait to reach Nagpur. 

Resort in Nagpur

We planned to stay at a resort during this trip. As soon as we reached my brother and I immediately jumped into the pool. We played there for a long time. The other family members sat near the pool. It was a lovely day.  

Trilium Mall

After a fulfilling first day in Nagpur, we were ready to go around the city. We went to the biggest mall in Nagpur called the Trilium Mall. It was huge and had a variety of food, clothes and games. I played so many games that my parents had to recharge the game card thrice. I enjoyed my time at the Trilium Mall most as there were loads of options to eat, play and enjoy.

Nagpur is all about food. We ate different kinds of foods, like pizza, burgers and many other traditional dishes. We had a lot of fun. 

The next day we returned to Pune as we wanted to celebrate my brother’s birthday at the beach together. My grandparents and sister stayed back and would return a day later. 

We had a memorable time in Nagpur. I look forward to visiting it again with my family. 

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

Written by Abeer Rohit Bapat

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