My Favorite Holiday Destination – Jaipur

Have you been to Chokhi Dhani? Read Adwita’s blog to find out more.

I enjoy going on holiday with my family. My favourite holiday destination is Jaipur. I love visiting there. I went to Jaipur with my family to celebrate Independence Day. We travelled there by road. The journey was beautiful and full of scenic views. I took so many photographs on the journey. After reaching, we rested well for some time in our rooms.

Chokhi Dhani

In the evening, I first went to Chokhi Dhani with my family. I enjoyed the elephant and camel rides. I was very nervous and scared at first, but the animals were so friendly. I could see the entire Chokhi Dhani on the back of the elephant. It was just amazing! 

We had a really good time and then we finally returned home. 

Hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Jaipur.

Written by- Adwita Panchal

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