The Ants and an Ant Hill 

Have you helped someone? Read Veda’s story to find out more.

Once upon a time in a jungle, lived a colony of ants. They were very hardworking. 

It was a sunny day. The ants were walking, and they decided to build an anthill. 

They were so busy building the anthill that they didn’t see the sky. The sky was very cloudy, and it would rain.

The anthill was almost built and suddenly it started raining heavily. Sadly, the anthill was washed out. Seeing this all ants were sad. They sat down on the ground. 

The queen ant of the colony was also sad. 

Then one of the queen’s friends got an idea. She stood up and said, “Ma’am I got an idea!”

“What is the idea?” asked the queen excitedly.  

“If we go to another ground and search for another colony, we can find a home soon,” said the friend. 

The queen liked the idea, so she told the colony to start their journey. Soon they found another colony. One of the ants went in and asked for help. They said yes and welcomed them warmly.

Soon summer came, the two colonies became friends. All the ants from both the colonies built a big anthill and they lived happily ever after.

The moral of the story is “We must always help each other.”

Written by- Veda Paidisetty

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