A Visit to Hyderabad

Have you been to Ramoji film city? Read Aaradhya’s blog to find out more.
The city of Hyderabad

This time for our holiday, we planned to visit Hyderabad. We travelled by aeroplane and reached there within a few hours. My uncle came to pick us up at the airport. When we reached his house, I was super duper excited to meet my sister. As we entered, I hugged my sister and she was equally excited to see me. She even had a surprise for me. It was so special.  


The next day we packed our car with all our luggage and lots of chips. We went to see the city of Hyderabad. We saw the Charminar, Ramoji Film City and the King’s palace. It usually takes seven days to visit all the places but we did it one day! Can you believe it?

Ramoji film city

Ramoji film city is a great place. We saw how movies are made. It was a great learning experience. We ate so much on our journey. We ate many dishes like hakka noodles, paneer kofta etc. We also ate the very famous Hyderabadi biryani.  

Sadly, we had to return to Bhubaneswar. My sister was very sad and I felt the same. I asked her to visit me for a few days. 

I want to go to Hyderabad once again. It is an amazing city.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Hyderabad.

Written by Aaradhya Padhi

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