A Visit to Kodaikanal

Have you visited a chocolate factory? Read Amishi’s blog to find out more.

My dad planned a trip for us to Kodaikanal. I was very happy. 

First, on our way to Kodaikanal, we saw a beautiful waterfall. On our journey, we drove on a big hill. The view from there was amazing. We enjoyed the weather a lot, it was nice and breezy. 

My dad had already booked a hotel for us to stay in. We were going to be there for three days. The hotel was so big. We had delicious food. We planned to go to different places. 

Pine forest

The next day, we visited the pine forest. There were so many tall pine trees and flowers. We also saw a tower. 

My mom bought some flower seeds there, while I bought sunglasses and toys. We also took a family photo. It is a special picture. 

Chocolate factory

On our last day, we went to the chocolate factory. It was an amazing experience as I saw how chocolates are made. There were so many chocolates with different fillings and flavours. We bought some yummy chocolates. I bought some for my friends too.

Finally, we returned home. I enjoyed my trip. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my trip. 

Written by Amishi Kambhoj

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