An Exciting Trip to Germany

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The city of Berlin

When my parents told me that we would be travelling to Germany this year, I was so excited. We travelled there by flight and landed in Berlin at 1 pm. My father had booked a room on the fifth floor at the Holiday Inn hotel. 

I was amazed to see the clean roads and the beautiful scenery when I looked around on our drive from the airport to the hotel. It was so beautiful everywhere. We reached our hotel and rested for the night. I couldn’t wait to explore Germany the next day. 

Train ride at Zoo Safaripark Stukenbrock

The next morning, we went to the safari park called Zoo Safaripark Stukenbrock. It was very different from the safari parks in India. They had an adventure park inside it. It was a fantastic experience. We did a range of activities, from seeing and feeding animals to playing different games in the adventure park. After some time, we were hungry so we went to a restaurant and ordered some potato dumplings, veg roll and garlic bread. The food was mouthwatering. We then left for our hotel and relaxed for the day.

A lovely view in Germany

The following day we left to visit the landscape areas of Germany. We saw many forests, rivers, mountain ranges and the North sea beaches. The view was very scenic, overall, it was a wonderful experience.

We had a lovely time in Germany. I would love to visit again. 

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. 

Written by Shreshta 

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