A Day at the Beach

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The peaceful sound of the waves crashing

I had always heard of how beautiful beaches are but had never visited one. I visited a beach for the first time in Andhra Pradesh with my family. I was very excited and curious about how it is going to be. 

When we reached there and saw the beach from a far distance, I thought it was dull. As we walked near the shore, I saw that it looked peaceful as well as vibrant. The place was full of many tourists from around the world. 

We spent almost three hours at the beach and I enjoyed it a lot. At first, when my mother told me about this plan, I thought that she was joking, but it came true. I was really happy to be there with my family. 

The beach was lovely but there was only one drawback, the water was dirty. That’s the only thing that I didn’t like about the place. I played a lot and got so busy that I almost forgot that we had brought our pet dog too! 

Our dog was too excited and was jumping and chasing everyone around. At one point, it got too excited and began chasing me. I ran as fast as I could, shouting and screaming to the shore, but it ran faster than me. It went ahead and that’s when I realized that it wasn’t chasing me, instead, it wanted to follow my direction. How embarrassing! 

My sister and I spent some time walking on the shore. At one point, the waves were so strong that the water went into my mouth. It tasted really bad! 

We all got tired and it was time to leave. We were all very hungry, so we sat in our car and went to a restaurant. Everyone was very hungry, so we quickly ordered and ate. 

After the restaurant, we went to a nearby park to play. There were parrots too, so I talked to them! They only said hello and nothing else. 

The trip came to an end, but I can say it was the best trip ever. We had a beautiful family time together. 

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. 

Written by P. Joanna Cheryl


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