A Day at the Jim Corbett National Park

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A deer at the Jim Corbett National Park

My family and I went to Jim Corbett National Park for the holidays. Jim Corbett is a national park located in Ramnagar town in Uttarakhand. 

When we reached there, we stayed in a resort for a few days. The resort was lovely, it was nice and green with many empty spaces to sit and relax. 

The next day after we reached it we went on a jungle safari. I had never been on a jungle safari, we were lucky to see some wild animals roaming around freely. This experience was so special.

Pallas’s fish eagle at the national park

The national park is divided into different zones, each zone has its speciality. For example, one zone was completely dedicated to birds, so anyone interested in bird watching could go there. Another zone was for different types of plants and flowers. It was a unique experience looking at different zones and learning from them. My family and I had a very good time. 

I had lots of fun on this trip. Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience. 

The following day we went to my father’s friend’s house, which was a 10 minutes drive from the resort. It was nice to meet my father’s friend and listen to stories from their memorable days together. 

Written by- Gurliv Singh

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