A Visit to the Zoo

Have you seen a wild elephant? Read Rusheel’s blog to find out more.
A leopard at the zoo

I would like to share with you my experience of visiting a zoo with my family. We went to a zoo in my city and I was very excited.

Elephant at the zoo

When we entered the zoo, we first saw the elephants. I was told that elephants have a very strong memory. They are friendly and can be trained. Wild elephants can be dangerous. We saw all types of elephants at the zoo.

Tiger at the zoo

After that, we went to see tigers. They looked very scary.  We were so scared that my brother and I ran away quickly. 

Then, we saw some monkeys jumping and eating fruits.  They were very naughty just like me. 

After that, we saw many more animals and birds there. Finally, we ended up having a big cone of strawberry ice cream. 

Our visit came to an end. I enjoyed my time at the zoo very much. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. 

Written by Rusheel Anchan

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