Exploring the Golconda Fort

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Golconda Fort

Hyderabad is a beautiful city with a lot of history. My family and I visited the Golconda Fort. We wished to visit many places in Hyderabad. I wanted to visit the Golconda Fort first. 

We went to Golconda Fort and I was very excited. We looked around the fort and took some photographs. The fort was built beautifully. It was very old but strong.  

Inside the fort

Inside the fort, we also saw an ancient cooling system, it was quite interesting. We also saw the temple inside the fort. There was also a jail in the fort where they kept the prisoners. 

View of Hyderabad City from Golconda Fort

When we were done exploring the insides of the fort we went to the top of the fort as well. I was amazed at the view from there. We could see most of Hyderabad from up there. 

After a good day at the Golconda Fort, while returning home we had some snacks and cold drinks. It was a fun day!

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog about the Golconda Fort. 

Written by M. Jaswanth

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