My Favorite Place – Kerala

Have you watched the Kaloripayattu show? Read Aditya’s blog to find out more.

Kerala is my favourite place. I went there with my family by train. We went to Delhi for one day and from there we went by aeroplane to Kerala. 

In Kerala, I did many activities. I went on a jungle safari, where I saw an elephant. I was very scared at first, but then when I touched its trunk I felt better. 

Elephant at the jungle safari

I did some adventure sports too, like zip-lining. Ziplining is an activity that involves riding a steel cable between two points while wearing a protective seat or belt, usually through a valley with amazing scenery. It was a thrilling experience.

Kerala is a beautiful place. It is full of nature. We saw many tree houses, rubber trees, beaches and houseboats. We also saw the Kaloripayattu show. I enjoyed watching it so much that I want to learn it. 

The Kaloripayattu show

We returned home from this wonderful trip. I enjoyed the natural beauty of Kerala. 

Hope you enjoyed reading about Kerala in my blog. 

Written by Aditya Sharma

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