A Short Trip to Jaipur

Have you been to the historic Amer fort? Read Tejas’s blog to find out more.

My family and I travelled to Jaipur in February. We actually travelled to see my grandmother. My grandmother had fallen sick so we went to visit her. We were so happy and excited to spend time with her. When we reached there, she was much better than before. 

My sister and I thought that we would visit many places around Jaipur while we were there. In excitement, my sister began planning our trip on our room blackboard. We all had a good laugh about that! My mother told us that we would be visiting Amer Fort.


We started our journey to Jaipur by car. While we were travelling we saw a peacock dancing. It was unbelievable! After many hours of travelling, we passed through a tunnel inside a mountain. I was so fascinated to see a tunnel inside a mountain. It felt as if the tunnel would never end. When the tunnel ended, we witnessed a crowded city, with cars roaming all around the streets of Jaipur. 

As we reached my grandparent’s home, we noticed that our maternal grandfather was waiting for us. As we entered the house, we were offered many delicious chocolates, chips,  cookies, pastries, etc., waiting for us at the dining table. My sister pounced over the pastries. As we were enjoying the snacks, all of a sudden, our friend Dhruv called us from the neighbouring house. He came to meet us and we were so delighted to see him after so long. We played games with him, it was a lot of fun! After some time we met our cousin Nikhil. 

Beautiful pond in the village

A few days later, we visited our mother’s village where she grew up. The village had a big, beautiful pond. We had a good time but we returned to Jaipur the same day. 

The next day, we packed our bags and departed for Lucknow. I miss Jaipur a lot and wish to visit there soon. Hope you enjoyed reading about my short trip. 

Written by- Tejas Sogan

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