A Trip to Ooty

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Ooty is a beautiful hill station in the southern part of India. We travelled there by bus. The entire journey was full of stunning views of nature. 

On our way, we saw elephants, bison, deer, mountain goats and monkeys. We saw two bison fighting as well. It was quite a unique journey. 

Waterfall in Ooty

When we reached there we strolled through the forest. Inside the forest, we saw a beautiful waterfall. We also visited the tea plantations and we saw the entire process of how tea is produced. We saw tea garden workers plucking the leaves with baskets on their backs.

Dodabetta Peak

When we got back to cook chapatis for ourselves. After lunch, we visited the botanical garden, where we saw many flowers like sunflower, rose, hibiscus, asters, cosmos and lavender. Then we went to Doddabetta Peak. It is the highest peak, it was so foggy that I could not see anything around. It was a thrilling experience climbing up to the top. After that, we went to a pine forest and I collected lots of pine fruits. I gave them to the monkeys to eat. The monkeys all gathered around us to eat the pine fruits. It was so much fun. We explored the area a bit before we left, it was a nice place to be in.

Entrance to the Bannari Amman Temple

On the last day of the trip, we went to Bannari Amman Temple. While returning from the temple, we saw a big elephant family crossing the road. The small baby elephant was trying to chase our car.  I was a bit scared but after some time it stopped running. 

I enjoyed this trip a lot. It was memorable. Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience in Ooty. 

Written by- S.Vegasree

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