A Day at the Nehru Science Centre

Have you visited the Nehru Science Center? Read Srishti’s blog to find out more.

In February, I went to the Nehru Science Center in Worli. My family and I reached there at 11:00 am from Borivali. It took us hardly an hour to reach. My cousins and I couldn’t wait to explore the entire place.

After we arrived we had some light snacks. We also took some pictures while playing in the garden. It was so much fun, we all couldn’t stand straight for a single photograph. My aunt clicked so many!

Entrance to the Nehru Science Center

We then started exploring the museum and exhibition halls. We learned about human civilization, human evolution, scientific innovation and ancient Indian technology. We also visited a dome, where we saw a very inspiring movie on dolphins.  

We also saw models of railway engines and trams. Later on, we visited the mirror maze in the evening.

My favourite part of the centre was the mirror maze, I solved it twice, it was really fun. While returning home we had a very delicious dinner at Shiv Sagar Restaurant.

I loved visiting there with my family and I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

Written by- Srishti Dudhat

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