A Lion and A Rabbit

How can one save himself or herself from becoming a lion’s breakfast? Read this story written by Anula to find out what a clever rabbit did to avoid becoming food of the king of the jungle.

Once upon a time, there was a ferocious lion who lived in a jungle. Every morning, he ordered one animal to come to his den. He ate one animal a day as his breakfast.

One day, it was a rabbit’s turn to go to the den. He thought of a plan. He went to the lion’s den and said “King of the jungle! When I was coming to the den, I saw another lion near the well.” Hearing this, the lion got angry. He said “No way! Take me to him.”

The rabbit took the lion to the well. The lion saw his shadow in the well and said “Who are you?”. The same voice came out of the well. The lion got very angry and jumped into the well. The foolish lion sunk into it, freeing the forest animals to live freely.

Written by- Anula Milind Mokhale

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