A Trip to Kochi

Have you visited Marine Drive? Read Sera’s blog to find out more.

My most recent trip was to Kochi. Kochi is a lovely city in the state of Kerala. It has a beautiful coastline. I was really excited because this was my first trip after two years. It was a family summer vacation.  

Kochi is also known as the queen of the Arabian Sea. We visited Marine Drive. It is built facing the backwaters of the Arabian Sea. This place attracts a lot of local residents and tourists every day. The view is amazing and the vibe is peaceful.

The cleanliness, the sitting arrangements, and the cool breeze from the backwaters are some factors that draw tourists there. The night view of Marine Drive provides a stunning view of the tall buildings and shimmering water. 

Marine Drive night view

A guard told us that there was a must-see place on Marine Drive that was known for its beauty. It was the Rainbow Hanging Bridge. When I saw it, I was astonished by its looks. It was a walkway lit with yellow bright lights. I stared at it for a few minutes but unfortunately we had to leave as it was about to close.  

Rainbow Hanging Bridge

Overall, I was pleased to visit this place. I think that Marine Drive is Kochi’s most dazzling place to visit. 

I hope that I get to visit and experience Kochi and its beautiful backwaters soon. Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience. 

Written by- Sera William

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