A Visit to Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Have you ever visited Abu Dhabi and Dubai? Adilaxmi shares about her exciting trip to these two beautiful places. Happy reading!

Hi everyone!  

This blog is about my experience visiting two beautiful places: Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

During my summer vacations, I visited Abu Dhabi and Dubai with my mother and grandmother. I was very excited for the trip and couldn’t wait to get there.

We went on an aeroplane and through the window, I saw twinkling stars. The view made me happy and calm. I felt sleepy and took a nap on the aeroplane. 

First, we arrived in Dubai and visited a bird and dolphin show. In the bird show, I saw many different birds. I was amazed to see the dolphins playing with a big ball in the dolphin show. After the show, my cousin and I had a horse ride. It was a fantastic experience.

Dolphin Show in Dubai

Later, we went on a cruise ship to watch the sunset and have dinner.

Finally, we watched a captivating dancing water fountain show near the Burj Khalifa lake. I was having so much fun when suddenly I realised my cousin was missing. We were all alarmed and started looking for him everywhere. To our relief, he had run off to buy an ice cream on his own. We were happy to locate him.

Dancing Water Fountain show in Dubai

fter enjoying our time in Dubai, we headed to Abu Dhabi. We went to a zoo and a park there. 

On the last day of our trip, we went shopping and had an amazing time. 

This was one of my best vacations and I look forward to visiting more places soon. 

Thank you for reading my blog!

Written by- Adilaxmi

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