An Interesting Trip to Bhangarh

Have you ever visited a haunted place? Read Aliya’s blog to find out more.

My trip to Bhangarh, Rajasthan was a very interesting one. At first, we thought it would be scary but it turned out to be hilarious.

I travelled by car with my parents, grandparents and elder sister. We started our journey following Google maps and soon we lost our way. We began getting scared as we couldn’t find our way. After some time we realised that we were moving round and round in the same area. It was so funny. After a while, we saw some locals and they guided us well. 

Bhangarh – front view

Finally, on reaching Bhangarh and entering the remains of a 1000-year-old kingdom, I saw the entire Jaipur city as it used to be in that era. The temples, the king and the queen’s room are intact even today. These remains in themselves tell a story of a flourishing kingdom that is now a tourist spot. 

Can you believe that there were more than 100 monkeys there? I was so surprised when I heard that. We didn’t carry any food with us because we thought that there would be food available. We were hungry but there was nothing to eat or drink other than water.

We walked around the area and entered the king’s room. It was a bit smelly and dirty. On the contrary, the queen’s room had a beautiful fragrance in it and the view from there was very scenic. We could see so many flower trees from the window that added to the view.

By the time we finished with our sightseeing we were hungry, so we ate fritters and drank juice. Everyone ate fritters except me. Sadly, my parents and granny fell ill after consuming it. 

After that, we went to Amanbargh to have tea and snacks. The tea had a unique flavour and fragrance and the music was relaxing. 

Finally, we returned to our hotel and ate some chilli chicken. Now you can imagine how hungry we were! After dinner, we all rested for the night. 

Our journey then came to an end as we left for home the next day. I liked visiting Bhangarh because it’s the most haunted place in India. I like watching haunted movies, listening to stories and I don’t get scared. I can’t wait to visit again with my family.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Bhangarh. 

Written by- Aliya Mahajan

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