My Voyage to Kochi

Swimming with the waves, collecting seashells and making sand castles sounds like a fun day at the beach with family. Have fun reading about Anisha’s trip to Kochi in this blog.

When I was just a small kid in UKG, I went to Kochi with my parents. We took a flight to go there. It took us 45 minutes to reach Kochi from Bangalore. It was a wonderful experience to be flying in the sky!

When we reached Kochi, we took a cab to the hotel. 

I went to a beach the next day. It was so clean and the water was almost transparent.


I wore a swimsuit and ran into the water with my father. But the waves pushed us back towards the sand. It was crazy and fun!

I saw some baby fish and collected seashells. I saw a baby crab in the conch. I got so scared! I ran and hid behind a rock.


After some time, I again started playing in the water.

The next morning we went to a forest. I saw deer, antelopes, peacocks and elephants. I also took an elephant ride. It was fun sitting on an elephant!

Elephant ride

It was a wonderful trip. I enjoyed the forest and the beach a lot. I didn’t want to go back home but we had to.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

Written by- Anisha Sai Yamsani

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