The Thirsty Giraffe

One river has huge crocodiles while the other one is full of small fish that bite your nose! How will the Thirsty Giraffe ever find water to drink? Read this interesting story to find out more.

Once upon a time, there was a giraffe who roamed around in the forest. He was very thirsty. He started looking for water.

He went to a lake to drink some water. But when he reached the lake, he found crocodiles there! He got scared and ran away.

Then, he went to another river. As he started drinking water, some small fish bit his nose. His nose got hurt and he started crying.

As he was crying, a few kids who were playing nearby went to him. They asked him, “What happened?”

He told them he was thirsty and could not find water to drink. 

The kids offered water to the giraffe from their water bottles. The giraffe drank the water. He was not thirsty anymore!

Did you like the story? What do you think is the moral of the story? Post your comment in the section below.

Aariketh (the author) says that the story teaches us to help each other.

Written by- Aariketh Vivek Nayak 

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