A Destination Wedding – Palampur

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Destination weddings are all a big trend these days. It is a different experience from regular weddings. But the biggest concern is packing everything you need and bringing it carefully. I was invited to a destination wedding last week and I’ll tell you all about it.

Last weekend I went to Palampur (Himachal Pradesh), for my maternal uncle’s wedding. I loved the scenic views and took plenty of pictures to capture all the memories in my camera. The biggest advantage for me was that we didn’t have to travel at all. Everything happened at the hotel we were staying at. The biggest let down was that my mother forgot a few things and I had to compromise on the look I was going for.

Food (Palampur)

Speaking of the food, it wasn’t to my liking. We are Punjabis and so we are foodies. We love spicy foods and we have a big sweet tooth. The food at the hotel wasn’t really spicy or sweet and not all of us liked it. I also had exams at the same time and I couldn’t study or attend them. If only everyone had agreed to hold the wedding in Punjab!

Despite all the little things we didn’t like, we couldn’t deny the hotel staff’s hospitality. The family who arranged the wedding at the hotel were also incredible. At the end of it, it was still a very good trip and I had plenty of fun. 

Written by- Harveer Singh

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