A Lion and a Mouse

At first, a lion went to kill a mouse. In the blink of an eye, they ended up becoming friends. Sounds like an exciting story, right? Read the story to find out about their sweet friendship.

Once upon a time, there lived a lion and a mouse. One afternoon, the lion was sleeping. The mouse started playing around him.

The lion got disturbed and woke up. The lion went up to the mouse. He decided to kill him. 

The mouse realized his mistake and started asking for forgiveness. So, the lion let him go.

After a few days, the lion got caught in a hunter’s net. The mouse saw that the lion was trapped.

He came and cut the net with his teeth. The lion got free! He thanked the mouse for helping him.

Did you like the story? What do you think is the moral of the story? Post your comment in the section below. 

Shreya (the author) says that the moral of the story is: Do good, have good.

Written by- Shreya kamble

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