A trip to Bihar

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My favourite trip was to my hometown in Bihar. This was my time travelling by plane and I enjoyed the Delhi’s airport. There was a statue which showed some steps for yoga and I filmed myself doing yoga in front of the statue. That made me hungry and I got some ice-cream and a milkshake.

Litti Chokha (Bihar)

After checking-in, we boarded the plane. That part was boring and I fell asleep. My father however was quite plane-sick and didn’t enjoy the trip at all. We met all our relatives and ate all my favourite foods.


Once I was done, I went out to play and met with all my old friends. We played badminton and went cycling down the road. Some people were not wearing masks and that was scary for me. But it was still the best trip ever!

What would you like to try in Bihar?

Written by- Taran Singh

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