A trip to Hyderabad

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This was so cool! I went to Hyderabad in a plane and the view from up there was really, really beautiful.

I was going there to meet my cousin and explore the city. I was so excited to meet but she didn’t know I was coming over. We spoke on the phone about all the fun things we would do together. So, I gave her a big surprise when I really reached her house. We hugged and ran around with happiness.

Our Nail Polish

She has a younger sister and I have a younger brother. Both our siblings teamed up to cause us both lots of trouble and mischief. Once, when we were painting our nails, they came in and spilt the polish. That took us a long while to clean up. They were so, so naughty.

Charminar (Hyderabad)

We all visited Charminar and Ramoji Rao film city. 

In Charminar we got ourselves some cotton candy and on the way to the film city we travelled on a road called necklace road. The road looks like an actual necklace hence the name.

When we reached the film city we went straight to the park and there were so many kids. We ended up having so much fun playing with all of them. We really didn’t want to leave but all fun things come to an end. I really hope I get to have another trip here. 

Which place would you like to see in Hyderabad?

Written by- Lishika Reddy

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