A Trip to Rajasthan

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My aunt and uncle stay in Rajasthan and that’s why I went there for the October holidays. We stayed for over a week and I’ll tell you all about the places we saw. The most amazing places were the forts and palaces. They were so scenic and filled with history. I loved learning about the ancient kings and queens who lived there.

My drawing of the Jal Mahal (Jaipur)

The palaces were so beautiful that I had to draw them to show you. I didn’t like the food. I don’t really like Chapatis/Rotis but those were the only things available. But in Jaipur I tried something called ‘Dhal Bhati Churma’ which was famous there. I found it very yummy.

Dal Baati Churma (Jaipur)

All of us went shopping in Bikaner where we bought many blankets and woollen clothes. We finally ended our trip with a visit to the camel farm and the desert. The only think I didn’t like so much was the spitting. It would be nice for all of us to try to keep the country clean.

Shopping in Rajasthan

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