A Trip to Ranthambore National Park

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Tiger (Rajasthan)

Ranthambore is known for the number of tigers but it also has a wide range of animals from crocodiles to bats. We went in a large jeep with my family. On the way, we saw tigers hunting and many animals near the watering hole. 

Ranthambore National Park | bjoern | Flickr

Spotted Deer (Ranthambore National Park)

The safari was very beautiful and everyone was very excited to start. We went during the Diwali holidays and that was close to winter. We got to see many animals sitting under the sun. 

Safari at Ranthambore National Park - DSC04201 | This is one… | Flickr

Safari (Ranthambore National Park)

I can never forget how my father dropped his phone. My family was busy taking pictures and my father dropped his phone in the middle of the path. But because of the number of tigers around he wasn’t allowed to get down and pick it up. However, the forest officials let us take it when they thought it was safe. That was scary but funny.

I would love to visit again. Would you be brave enough to go on a safari with tigers?

Written by Kanth Vyas

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