A Visit to the Eco Park

Have you ever been to an Eco Park? Aarav shares about his fun trip to the Eco Park in Patna. Happy reading!

Hi everyone!  

This blog is about my experience visiting the Eco Park in Patna. 

First, I went to the flower garden. I saw a beautiful butterfly among the flowers and I tried to catch it. I struggled for a while but I could catch it in my palm. However, the butterfly seemed weak so I let it go. 

Next, we saw the fighter jet which was on display at the park. I wondered how one person could fly such a huge jet. 

Fighter jet

After that, we went to have snacks at the Eco Park cafe. I had a gulab jamun and found it extremely delicious. 

Finally, we went to the play area where there were many swings. Although the swings looked huge and dangerous, I built my courage and rode on them. 

I had a lot of fun at the Eco Park. 

I hope you liked reading my blog!

Written by- Aarav Raj

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