My Trip to Udupi

Have you been to Malpe beach? Read Dhruthi’s blog to find out more.

My school’s annual holidays are my favourite time of the year. I visited Udupi during one such annual holiday with my family. We travelled there by car. 

As we arrived, we visited the Krishna temple, Malpe Beach and Panambur Beach. I enjoyed a ride in a horse cart. We also saw a huge statue of Mahatma Gandhi made entirely of sand, in the middle of Malpe Beach. It looked unbelievable. 

Mahatma Gandhi’s statue at Malpe beach

We visited some truly amazing tourist attractions in Udupi. We also went shopping, and I bought some stylish, colourful bangles, a sleeveless frock, and a pair of mini shorts. 

After that we visited the Krishna temple, we saw a huge golden statue of Narasimha and Lakshmi, sitting on the snake Aadishesha, in one of the rooms. It was a fantastic experience seeing that. 

The Krishna Temple

Then we joined my mother as she went to St. Mary’s Island on Malpe Beach. While my mother went to buy seashells I enjoyed playing in the sand at the beach.

Malpe beach

By the end of the day, we were tired from all the walking. We reached our hotel and immediately fell asleep, it was the best sleep ever! 

I feel like visiting Udupi again and bringing home some more bangles. I think you should visit Udupi too. Hope you enjoyed reading about my trip there. 

Written by- Dhruthi V Bharadwaj

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