The Grasshopper and the Ant

One summer day, a grasshopper was dancing and chirping around happily. He glanced over and saw an ant who was busy carrying corn kernels.

“Why are you working so hard?” the grasshopper asked. The ant did not reply. 

He said “Come and dance with me! You can do work later”. 

The ant finally spoke. She said “Oh no, winter is coming up. I have to store food for winter. You should do the same, grasshopper”.

“Haha! I still have a lot of food and winter is still so far off” laughed the grasshopper. 

So, the grasshopper continued to dance and chirp while the ant worked. 

When winter came, the ant was warm and well fed. The shivering grasshopper, on the other hand, had no food and shelter.

The grasshopper realised that he should have listened to the ant’s advice. He will not repeat the same mistake again.

Written by- Sanvit Kumar 

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