Baby Bird

Do you wish to make more friends? Read the story to take inspiration from a baby bird who had also gone on a search for friendship.

A baby bird had no friends. One day, the baby bird was feeling very sad.

It went to the dog and asked, “Can you make me your friend?” 

The dog said “No!”.

It went to the cat and asked, “Can you make me your friend?” 

The cat said “No!”.

It went to the elephant and asked, “Can you make me your friend?” 

The elephant said “Yes!”.

At last, the bird and the elephant became best friends.

Written by- Phanindhar Chiranji

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  1. Happy to see him forming sentences on his own.. Thanks to Freadom and especially Nidhi Maam.. Nidhi Maam, you made him think creative, you made him speaking out.. BIG thanks to you

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