A Day at Imagicaa

Have you woken up at 3 am for a trip? Read Saumya’s experience to find out more.

Imagicaa is a great amusement park in Mumbai. My grandmother is a principal of a school. She was going on a trip with her school members and students. My parents and I went along with them on this trip.

On the day of the trip, we woke up at 3 am and got ready quickly. We then took a train from Thane station to Ambernath. From Ambernath station we went to Imagicaa by bus. I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to get there. It was a long journey but an enjoyable one.

We finally reached Imagicaa at 9 am. My mom and grandmother rushed to the larger and bigger slides, they had a great time. Meanwhile, my dad and I went on a water roller coaster. I sat on the roller coaster five times and it was so much fun. After that, I enjoyed going on a few more slides. 

Water slides

After enjoying the rides and slides, we went to some food and stationary stalls on the streets. We bought some pastries, they were delicious!.

We then went to an auditorium where we saw a movie about a mermaid. It was like a live experience, and by the end of it, there was water splashed all around. It was so much fun. 

After some time we went to the food court to have some lunch. We ate food like fries and cutlets. Later we went to buy some candy.

At the end of a fun day, we returned home by bus. On our way back we saw many rabbits hopping and crossing the road. It was a memorable day. 

Hope you enjoyed reading about my day at Imagicaa. 

Written by- Saumya Surve

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