A Fun Trip to the Japanese Park

Have you visited a Japanese park? Read Avnoor’s blog to find out more.

One day my family and I decided to go to a park. I suggested that we go to a Japanese park. My parents agreed and left for an exciting day full of adventure.

We reached there and saw that the park was big and beautiful. It had many kinds of swings. We sat on all of them one by one. 

There was a really cute snack shop there. They were serving some yummy snacks. This park also had a bridged lake which had the most lovely view.

My parents and I also saw fake houses that had funny roofs. It was a lot of fun to see that.

Then, we swung on some more swings. I had an amazing time. I can never get enough swings, they are so much fun. 

Finally, we did some shopping in the shops there. They had some amazing items on sale.

My family and I had a lot of fun visiting the Japanese park. I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience.

Written by- Avnoor Kaur

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