A Parrot Who Loved to Eat Carrot

Have you seen a parrot that loves eating carrots? Read Anvica’s story to find out more.

Once upon a time, there was a parrot and she loved eating  carrots. One day the parrot went to buy carrots. On her way back she teased her friends saying, “I have carrots and you don’t!”.

The parrot’s friends saw this and thought to teach the parrot a lesson.

That night, the parrot’s friends stole all her carrots. 

The next morning when the parrot woke up, she saw that her carrots were missing. She looked everywhere and realized something. She straight went to her friends and said, “Give me back my carrots”. 

Her friends said, “First, promise us that you will not tease us and share your carrots with us”. 

The parrot replied, “Okay, I will buy more carrots and throw a carrot party.” 

Her friends returned her carrots and they all threw a big party the next day. Everyone was very happy enjoying yummy carrots together.

Written by- Anvica Srivastava 

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