A Train Experience

Have you ever travelled by a train? Vivaan shares about his fun trip to Goa by a train. Happy reading!

Hi everyone!  

This blog is about my journey to Goa on a train.

I went to Goa to attend a wedding. I was very excited about the trip  because we were travelling on a train. 

We boarded the train and I sat near the window. I looked outside at the passing roads and houses and felt incredible. 

Once, when the train halted at a station, two women came to sell food items. We ate pizza and chicken on the train and went to bed early. 

View of lakes and mountains from a train window

I woke up early the next morning and saw rivers, lakes and ponds as the train sped past them all. 

It was an amazing experience. 

Thank you for reading my blog!

Written by- Vivaan Kiran Shanbhag

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