A Visit to Gorai Beach

Have you ever been to a beach? Inaya shares about her fun trip to Gorai beach in Mumbai. Happy reading!

Hi everyone!  

This blog is about my exciting day at Gorai beach in Mumbai.

I visited Gorai beach on 23rd December during my Christmas vacation with my family. I travelled with my parents, aunt, uncle and my cousins in a car. 

The weather was very hot during our beach trip. However, we wanted to enjoy ourselves to the fullest, so we went off to explore the beach. 

The beach had muddy shores and as we walked, our feet kept sinking into the sand. 

As we edged towards the waves, we noticed that the water had turned muddy due to the sandy shores. We continued to play at the beach till it was time for lunch. 

We had lunch in our car before returning back home. 

It was an awesome adventure and I hope you liked reading this blog!

Written by- Inaya Ahmed

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