Alibaug Diaries

Alibaug, with its blend of sun, sea and history, is a popular weekend destination from Mumbai. Nishad (the author) had a wonderful time there. Read all about it in this travel blog!

Hi everyone! My name is Nishad and I am going to tell you about my village – Alibaug in this blog. My family took a car ride to reach there. 

Alibaug has a famous temple and lots of mango trees and tamarind tree farms.

I could see many farmers in their farms. I even saw a beautiful peacock!

We heard that deep inside the forest of Alibaug, you can find leopards and tigers and so many other wild animals.

Our house in the village is small. It is painted yellow from outside and purple from inside. My dad is going to get the house renovated soon.

I did so many activities there. I have so many memories of Alibaug!

Written by- Nishad Sachin Naik

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