My Best Day at the Exhibition

Exhibitions are a premier destination for some family fun especially if it is Disney World. Read about Sahasra’s visit to an exciting exhibition in this blog.

I travelled to an exhibition with my family by road. My sisters were very excited. The name of the exhibition was ‘Disney World’. 

There was a lot of crowd at the ticket booth. After some time, my dad bought the tickets and we were finally able to go in. 

I took a lot of pictures at the exhibition. I remember riding on a toy train. 

I also went inside the bouncy castle and sailed water boats in the pool. It was so much fun!

Near the ferris wheel, my sister found some food stalls. We had sweet corn and ice cream.

Later, we went to a toy shop. I bought a small puppet. My puppet is a unicorn and my sister’s puppet is a frog.

I hope one day you will also get to visit this amazing exhibition. Thank you for reading. Bye!

Written by- G.Sahasra

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