My Family Trip to Goa

The travellers of Goa go there to find something different: a balm on the busy mind, to enjoy days of freedom on Goa’s magnificent beaches, to parasail or swim, to savour its unique cuisine, to take a long trek, to marvel at its majestic temples and churches, in short, to be at one with the most friendly people in the country. Read all about Malhaar’s Goa visit in this blog.

Did you know that the best time to visit Goa is during the rainy season? I travelled to Goa with my younger sister Anannya and my parents.

My dad drove us to Goa. The road trip was very beautiful. We saw some farms on the way.

The funny thing was that the bird seemed to be flying in the same direction our car was heading.

Goa is a place to relax and chill. It is known for its seafood, beautiful beaches, oceans and its culture. I got to see some starfish at the beaches. 

We also did a lot of shopping there. Finally, when it was time to go, I felt sad to leave my fish friends and the beautiful beaches.

We drove back to Alibaug. It was a wonderful trip!

Written by- Malhaar Kawale

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