My Holiday in Goa

Have you been inside a fort? Read Sai’s blog to find out more.

When I was young, around five years old, my family and I went to Goa. We travelled there by car and it took us a few hours to reach. 

My father had booked us a room in a beautiful hotel. The hotel was right near the beach, so we had a lot of fun. My father bought me a beach set on the first day and we spent most of our time at the beach.

On our second day there, I tried to make a sandcastle that looked like a  tiny fort. When I was building a sandcastle my mother helped me. I was finally successful on my sixth try when I realized that we don’t need to tap the top of the bucket. 

Christmas decorations in Goa

Around Goa, the Christmas decorations were up, and the markets, and restaurants were all decorated beautifully. 

We went to the beach that evening, my father and uncle went swimming and we had supper at the beach. It was so amazing, multiple waves touched our feet. It was an unforgettable experience. 

Aguada Fort

On our last day there, we visited a fort and went inside it. It was massive and beautiful. We also visited a park, and I enjoyed playing there with my uncle.

Hope you liked reading about my trip to Goa.

Written by- Sai Suryanshu Mohanty

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