My Trip to Agra

Have you ever been to Agra? Read about Devansh’s exciting trip there. Happy reading!

I travelled to Agra with my parents and my younger brother. We travelled by car and it was a beautiful road trip. We were on the road for many hours, but I liked the passing view and spending time with my family.

After reaching Agra, we went sightseeing. We explored the local shops around the Taj Mahal and did some shopping.

The Taj Mahal

Later, we visited the Taj Mahal, which is one of the seven wonders of the world. I was amazed at the creativity of the artisans of the Taj Mahal and I felt a deep connection to our history as I walked through the marbled floors. We also saw the Yamuna river, on the banks of which the Taj Mahal is built.

I felt a thrill of adventure as I explored these historic places and it filled me with excitement.

We culminated our trip by trying some local delicacies like Petha and Paratha.

I enjoyed the trip. It was an amazing place to visit and I can’t wait to visit it again.  

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog.  

Written by- Devansh

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