The Magic Pot

What would you wish for if you found a magic pot? For a new game or a toy, perhaps? Or will you wish for something simple? Read the story to find out what Sophie wished for when she found a magic pot!

Long ago, there was a little girl named Sophie. She was born into a poor family. They didn’t have much money or food to eat.

One day, as she was walking down the street, she found a pot. She took it home with her.

The next day, she was very hungry. There was no food at home yet again. She wished for some food.

After three minutes, she saw the pot filled with food!

She was happy to have found a magic pot. Whenever she gets hungry, she says “Magic pot! Magic Pot! Cook food.”

Now, Sophie eats food happily. She doesn’t have to be hungry anymore.

Written by- Manvik singh

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