An Unforgettable Trip to Dehradun

Have you sat in a cable car? Read Bhavya’s blog to find out more.

I went to Dehradun during my summer break with my family. We travelled there by train and the journey was very long. 

We visited the robber’s cave where I collected many pebbles. I added them to my collection once I returned home. I also played and enjoyed bathing in the water. 

Ropeway car in Dehradun

In Dehradun, I sat in a ropeway car for the first time, and it was an amazing experience to sit in it. The ropeway car was going through the hills and the view was beautiful. 

Dehradun clock tower

The next day I went to see the clock tower with my mother and we bought an umbrella, a storybook and some other interesting things from the market. Suddenly, the weather changed and it started raining. We immediately used the umbrella that we bought. We booked a taxi to go to the hotel. On our way back, the streets were full of water. When we reached the hotel my mother and I reached the hotel and took a warm water bath and had some tea. 

The view from our room was lovely, full of hills and greenery. I wanted to stay there for a few more days but we needed to return as my parents had some work. But overall it was an unforgettable trip.

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Written by- Bhavya Malik 

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