Our Road Trip to Mangalore

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Last year during the Dusshera holidays, I went to Mangalore with my parents on a road trip. It took us eight hours to reach. On our way, we saw beautiful rocky mountains and waterfalls. I also saw a river flowing on the side of the highway. Sometimes the road was steep and curvy and sometimes it was bumpy. It was a fun ride. 

By the time we reached Mangalore, it was afternoon and we were exhausted. We checked into the hotel and slept for some time. Our hotel was in front of the beach, the view was stunning. I had bought the mermaid costume, I wore it to the beach.

Sunset at the beach

At the beach, I played with my beach toys and collected shells. I also enjoyed playing in the waves and we also watched the sunset. It was beautiful, and I felt very happy. We stayed there till night. After coming to our hotel, we took a bath and cleaned up all the sand and went to have dinner. For dinner, we had some yummy pasta. Then we returned to our rooms and slept. 

Early the next day in the early morning, we went to a rocky beach. The sound of the waves was very loud, yet soothing. We were walking on the rocks and suddenly a giant wave splashed at us. Then we went to another beach where I saw a lighthouse and a huge ship. 

Gokarnatha Temple

That afternoon, we went to a temple, it was golden and beautiful. It was very crowded. There was a procession going on and some people were dressed up like tigers, lions etc. It was a unique experience. 

Tannirbhavi Beach

We then returned to our hotel and rested for some time. In the evening we took a ferry ride to Tannirbhavi beach. The beach was beautiful with white sand and seaweed. I played on the beach and got drenched. I made a new friend who was also from Bengaluru and was of my age. We both played till sunset and saw people around doing surfing, horse riding and flying kites. It was dark and the lifeguards told everybody to leave the beach as the tides were going to be very high that night. We were anyways very tired, so I bid farewell to my friend and we took the ferry and returned to our hotel. On the way, we saw beautiful lighting and decorations on the streets. It all looked so magical.

The next day we woke up and packed our bags and started our journey, back home. During the journey, I penned down all my beautiful memories of my holidays in my diary. Hope you enjoyed reading about my holiday. 

Written by- Advika Singh

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