Yummy Vegetable Salad

Have you made a vegetable salad? Read Sai’s blog to find out more.

When I was studying in Grade 3, I made a salad for my friends in my school. I tried to experiment and make a new kind of salad by mixing vegetables and spices like red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt and pepper. It took me around 10 minutes to prepare this salad. The vegetables I used were carrots, onions, potatoes, cucumber, tomatoes and a small lemon. 

First, I took an empty bowl and poured some oil in it and I greased the bowl well. Then I chopped all the vegetables mentioned and transferred them into the bowl. I added all the spices and mixed it with the chopped vegetables. And there you go, it was done! It is a quick recipe.

I gave the salad to all my friends for tasting, they said that the salad was yummy. I brought some salad home, and asked my parents to try it. They loved it too. 

Lastly, I tried some too and it was delicious. It was the best experience ever. I am looking forward to trying and creating new recipes. Hope you enjoyed the blog and do try the recipe.

Written by- Sai Ritesh Papily 

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