A Trip to Kids City

Have you ever been to Ahmedabad? Azalea shares about her fun trip there. Happy reading!

Hi Everyone!  

This blog is about my experience at Kids City in Ahmedabad. I love going to Ahmedabad as my extended family lives there.

One of my favourite places to visit in Ahmedabad is Kids City.  I have visited Kids City seven times. In March I made my eighth visit to this amazing place. I went there with my entire family.

Entry to Kids City was from gate number seven of Kankaria Lake Complex. We arrived at 11 am in the scorching heat of Ahmedabad. It was the day of the Holi festival. There was a Holi party going on near Kids City with loud music. The place was filled with colourful faces. People were enjoying Holi to the fullest. My little sister and I were dancing to the music as my mother and uncle got the tickets.

Since we were four children, we got four cards and were informed that we could perform any five activities per card. We had a once in a lifetime experience as there were no other people and we had the entire Kids City to ourselves.

First, we visited the ice-cream factory. In the ice-cream factory, we watched a video about how ice cream is made. We were more interested in eating the ice-cream than watching the video. After the video, we visited the ice-cream storage. Temperature inside the storage was -75 C. It was so cold that I felt like my blood and body would freeze.

Next we went to the theatre. We saw a puppet show and a Magic show. My sister and I dressed up like Rani Lakshmi Bai, popularly known as Jhansi ki Rani. Her original name was Manikarnika. We learnt a few lines and played her character on stage. Few puppets from the show were also on the stage. While I was performing the role of Rani, my sister attacked the puppets and tried to chop off their heads. The magician had to intervene and save the puppets. It was great fun and we all had a hearty laugh about it later.

As our next activity, we took up roles as firefighters. All of us got dressed and climbed the fire truck. Two of the kids sat inside the truck while my brother and I were hanging on the ladder outside the truck. Our brigade went to a place where there was a fake fire. We doused the fire with a long water hose. All the kids were hanging by the ladder upon return. We had conquered the mighty force of fire.

The next activity that we enjoyed was being a doctor. This was the most fun activity for me. We were educated about the first aid procedure and ambulance details by the attendant. My brother became a patient while the rest of us became doctors. Since my brother was older than all of us, he had to take care that the equipment did not hurt us. He had to put the stretcher in and out of the ambulance and help the younger kids climb it. He was supposed to be a patient but ended up helping the doctors.

As our last activity, we rode the city bus called BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System). The bus was equipped with automatic doors. Inside the bus there were yellow handles on the roof to provide support to the passengers who had to stand. We rode the bus inside Kids City. The bus stopped at the traffic signal where our family members took this opportunity to talk with us.

Kankaria Lake

In the end, all the family members took a stroll on the Kankaria Lake and relished ice-cream in the hot summer.

I love visiting Kids City and would recommend this place to everyone as a fantastic place to visit. Kids City has many more activities like the Bank, RadioCity, Army etc. It’s a great place and definitely worth your time and money.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog!

Written by- Azalea Valukada

  1. Thank u for sharing ur experience in details. Yes we would love to see this wonderful place soon.

  2. Thank you very much azalea for the exclusive review on kids city kankaria.. kids city seems a real fun for my kid.. i ll definitely go.

  3. It was a visual tour to kids city reading your story…Amazingly described ur experience..I will definitely visit it with your view little champ

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